Updates and Information on Jennifer Wilkerson

Thank You For Helping To Find Jennifer.

June 5, 2010

Last year on July 13, family and friends made special efforts to get Jennifer’s story back out there and on people’s minds.  We had several new leads come from those efforts. 

A person of interest came forward with information that resulted in an extensive search of an area near Lubbock.  Jack and I joined the Lubbock Sheriff’s Department along with the Texas Rangers on a few days of that search.  Nothing was found but it reinforced my feelings toward all the individuals working diligently to find Jennifer.  These guys are the best in their field and are all so dedicated to bringing Jen home.

I have to wonder why a person would come forward with information that obviously is not true.  Do these people not have a heart?  Have they never loved or been loved?  Have they never experienced the loss of a loved one?  Death is hurtful but does give you direction on how to grieve, heal, and redefine your life.  When a loved one just vanishes, you have no direction.  That feeling of emptiness that comes from wanting to hold someone so bad and not knowing when, if ever, that day will come.  Your world is torn apart.  Even after almost six years, it seems like just yesterday, that I was told Jen was missing.  The pain and worry never goes away, you just learn to cope and take one day at a time.  Then you get word that someone is offering answers!  Words cannot describe the emotion that washes over you.  It is almost impossible to control the ups and downs you experience and then as fast as they come, you are left with the same emptiness of not knowing.  This I can tell you, it is in God’s hands, and I have Faith that He will carry me through.  One thing that no one can ever take away from us is all the wonderful memories we have of Jennifer and the twenty six years we got to love her,  The laughter, tears, stories, adventures, and wonderful spirit we were lucky enough to get to share with this wonderful young lady will stay in our hearts forever.

Jack and I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  Someone out there knows exactly what has happened to Jen.  Please pray for those individuals that they will find it in their hearts to help us bring her home.

July 13, 2009

Jennifer has been missing now for 5 long years, as of July 13, 2009.  Jack and I cling tight to each other and our hope that we will some day find our daughter.  With each passing day, that hope becomes harder and harder for me to hang on to.  I would like to ask each of you to continue to keep Jennifer in your prayers, and if you would, send her flyer and her website information to everyone on your e-mail list asking them to do the same. Together we could form a network of Jennifer’s Angels.  What better way to get her face and story out there?  Also, every single day Jennifer would go to the Sonic drive-in and order a “Super Sonic Dr. Pepper with extra ice”.  I can still hear her voice, as I have witnessed this ritual many times.  If she is still alive I guarantee she is getting her Dr. Pepper.  If each of you would print out a few flyers  (Flyer Link)  and post them at your Sonic Drive-ins and possibly at any truck stops in your area, we might just be able to bring her home! 

There have been a few new leads, but as in the past, they have created more questions than answers.  We still have the support of the Lubbock Sheriff’s Department. Doug Sutton is the lead Investigator and is good at keeping us informed.  When Doug got Jennifer’s case, a five-man team was put together consisting of several departments to concentrate on Jen’s case.  We appreciate that they are all still searching for answers.

Although he is no longer officially on Jen’s case, Greg Parrott will forever be involved in bringing Jennifer home.  Dana and Sheila with the United Search and Rescue also hold a special place in our hearts, and are still very involved in Jen’s case.  They are a constant source of love and support. 

Kelly Jolkowski knows first hand about life in the world of the missing.  Her son Jason has been missing since June 13, 2001.  She created Project Jason to bring hope and assistance for families of the missing by providing resources and support.  She is truly amazing.

Jennifer’s information is now on NamUs – National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.  NamUs (http://www.namus.gov/) brings together two online, searchable databases: unidentified decedents database and missing persons database.  Simultaneous searching of missing persons records against cases in the unidentified decedents database to identify unidentified human remains and solve missing persons cases. 

Jack and I want to thank you all for your love and support.  With Hope and Faith, some day we will be able to report that we have Jen home. 

Jack and Vikki

 July 13, 2007

Today marks three years since Jennifer disappeared. Vikki and I went toLubbock today to meet with the Sheriffs Department, and also were interviewed by two Lubbock TV stations. We have not updated Jen's website in some time, quite frankly, because we know nothing more than we did the last time. Unfortunately, we still have nothing new to add. We can assure you that the investigators are still actively pursuing leads, and are still getting tips which they follow up on.  They are also still getting help from city officers, the Texas Rangers, investigators who are no longer even assigned to the case, and United Response Search & Rescue. We are grateful to each of them for their determination and dedication.

We are also grateful for those in the media who have helped keep this in the public awareness. We realize that it isn't easy for them to report on a story that

has had so little new information available. That leaves them little to work with other than how it affects the family.  We are uncomfortable with the focus being on us, but will accept that if it will keep reminding people that Jen is still out there.

It is strange how hard it is to answer some of the questions we are asked. What is Jen like? You can't really describe a complex human being in a 20 second sound bite. How has it affected you not knowing what happened, or where she might be? I don't know how to express the frustration of not knowing what to do; the guilt of feeling you are not doing enough, or the right thing; the resentment that it happened at all;  the shame in knowing that other family, friends, and even employers are not getting the attention they deserve because of your distraction; the surge of elation when you see a slender young woman in a store or the car next to you that looks like...; the crash when it isn't; the hope that one day it will be her; and especially, the fear that you may never know. I don't think Shakespeare could put those feelings on paper.

Humans are strange creatures. We can deal with floods and famines, illnesses and accidents, with events that are beyond our control to prevent that stagger the imagination, yet we find strength through faith, family, friends, and often total strangers to get through the worst of times. One thing we don't seem to be good at is not knowing. Not knowing leaves you off balance, unsure of which direction to look, with no true reference point to reality.

We believe that someone does know the answers to our particular questions. We can only hope that they will put themselves in our situation, and imagine how they would feel if it were their child, parent or loved one, and be compassionate enough to come forward with what they know.

Link to KCBD Article:  "Wilkerson Family Speaks on Three Year Anniversary of Daughter's Disappearance"


August 23, 2006
Someone out there has taken away two years of being able to enjoy the presence of our daughter.  You know who you are and you know why Jennifer has vanished.  Be very aware that we will some day have all the answers.  If you have harmed Jennifer in any way, we don’t have to threaten you with justice.  Someone bigger than all of us knows what you have done and is watching you!  The justice you will receive will far out weigh any justice you might receive on this earth.

To all the wonderful people that have given their support, love, and prayers, we have nothing new to share with you.  We are left at present to try and hold close to our hearts and minds memories we have of our daughter.  Her smile, her silly little laugh, her fiery spirit, her ever lasting love for her family, and our love for her.  I miss her visits, her insights, her passion for life, her adventures, and the list could go on and on!

Our prayers will be answered and some day we will be reunited with our daughter, whether in this life or beyond.  I want to thank everyone for their continued love and support.  You have helped me confirm in my heart, that there is far more good, than bad in this world and that in our darkest hours, we are never alone.
Love you all,


Hello All,

We regret to inform you that there is new information regarding Joanna Rogers, who disappeared from Lubbock ten weeks before Jen disappeared. Rosendo Rodriguez, who has been charged in the murder of another woman, Summer Baldwin, has confessed to the murder of Joanna.


At this point we don't know if any proof has been provided. All we do know is that our hearts and prayers are with the Rogers family during this difficult time. Joe Bill and Kathy were among the first to reach out to us when Jen disappeared. They made sure we knew what steps to take, who to talk to, opened their home to us, provided and distributed posters, but most important, have always been there for moral support and understanding what we are going through. Please keep them, and Joanna in your prayers.

There has been some speculation that the accused could be responsible for other incidents, including Jen's disappearance. Information is limited at this time, as there is a gag order in place on both prosecution and defense. We have been told by investigators that the forensic computer search of Jen's computer showed no links to the accused, and no other connections have been found. It is, of course, still under investigation, as all possibilities must be explored. At this time there is no reason to believe that there was a connection.

Thanks again for all the love and support from each of you.

Jack & Vikki


We were contacted by the Lubbock Sheriff's Dept. this morning to inform us of a search taking place near Lubbock. Based on a tip, they searched a home and property. We believe it to be a case of eliminating possibilities. It was not sufficient to justify a warrant when it was given, and if there was reason to believe it a credible tip they probably would have brought in the URSAR team, to utilize their experience and resources. We were told this afternoon that nothing of significance was found, though there are some items being further investigated.

We would like to thank the Sheriff's Department, the Texas Rangers, and the other units involved for their continued dedication to finding our daughter, and for keeping us informed in a timely manner. We also would like to particularly thank Dana, Sheila, and the rest of the United Response team. From Day One of this ordeal, they have been a rock for us. They have provided more than horses, dogs, divers, search volunteers and experience - they have also provided shoulders to cry on, ears to listen to angry rants and crazy theories, calming words when needed and sage advice always. We would be lost without them. Their compassion, professionalism, and generosity have made a difficult time easier.

If any more news is forthcoming, we will let you know.

Jack & Vikki

KCBD News Story 3/10/06

Authorities Collect Possible Evidence In Jennifer Wilkerson Case

The search for Jennifer Wilkerson is now taking Lubbock authorities to west Lubbock County. Cadaver dogs were used to assist Lubbock Sheriff's Office, Texas Rangers and the DPS Crime lab in a search that started at 7 a.m. Friday. The search focused on a 160 acre property northwest of Reese Technology Center on Highway 114 and Farm to Market Road 2378.

Investigators spent nine hours on the scene. They did not find a body but they did collect several pieces of possible evidence. Captain Kevin Overstreet with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department said, "I would say it's a significant lead and hopefully we can develop something as a result of the evidence we've taken from the scene." Authorities marked that possible evidence with flags and markers.

NewsChannel 11 has also learned that a lot of drug activity took place at the house on the property. No one is living there but we have learned the person who was recently evicted is 36-year-old Richard Boozer. He was arrested January 2, 2006 on three counts of possession of a controlled substance. He is not considered a suspect at this time.

Authorities did contact Wilkerson's family and let them know about the search and what they found. Authorities also called the Rogers family to let them know the search was in no way related to the disappearance of Joanna Rogers.

Janurary 9, 2006

Friday 13, 2006 will make one and a half years since Jen disappeared. At this point, we know nothing more than we did then, though much has happened in the mean time; many questions raised but few answers. Recent events in Lubbock have sparked new directions in the investigation, and also some possible misunderstandings which we would like to clear up.

The Lubbock Sheriff's Dept. made some changes late last year, reassigning some people and bringing in some new ones to work on Jen and Joanna's cases. We welcome fresh perspectives and insights - we are selfish enough to wish the Texas Rangers, CIA, DPS, FBI, and all other acronyms could be brought in as well. We were frankly concerned that in the process we would lose the assistance of Sgt. Greg Parrott, who has devoted so much of his time, energy, expertise and given so much of himself to finding answers for us. Sheriff Guiterrez personally assured me that Sgt. Parrott will still be involved in the case. We are hoping that things in the department will soon settle down and that we will find the sheriff to be a man of his word. We mean no slight to anyone, but we believe Sgt. Parrott to be one of the finest investigators in the state of Texas, a credit to the Sheriff's Department, and an invaluable resource that should not be wasted.

In December a possible link was discovered between Joanna Rogers and Rosendo Rodriguez, who has been charged in the murder of Summer Baldwin in Lubbock. This has raised questions as to whether there is a possibility of his involvement in Jen's disappearance, as well as several other missing or murdered women in the Lubbock area. All we can tell you at this time is that there is no known connection, and while we do not believe one will be found, it is something that must be investigated and eliminated.
Last week a skull was found at Yellowhouse Canyon near Buffalo Lake outside of Lubbock. The media had reported on it, but fortunately, Dana Ames and Kathy Rogers contacted us to let us know before we found out through the news, and Sheriff Guiterrez called shortly after that to inform us. He called again the next day to let us know that they had found most of the rest of the remains. At that time he told us he was fairly certain that the body was a male. We have since been advised that the pathology reports show they are definitely from a male, which eliminates the possiblility of it being Jen or Joanna.

On Friday, 1-6-06, Vikki and I were flown to Dallas to appear on the Nancy Grace Show on CNN Headline News. The show covered both Jen and Joanna, as well as the other missing girls from Lubbock. While they did ask many questions regarding the possible connections between each of the cases, let me repeat that at this time there is no known connection, other than a possible link between Joanna and Rosendo Rodriguez' computers. We are very grateful to Nancy Grace for the national exposure generated, and are very hopeful that the exposure will lead answers.

Here is a link to the transcript of Nancy Grace and one to KCBD tv's response to the story:



Again, we would like to thank all of you for the love and emotional support you have given.

Jack and Vikki

September 13, 2005

Here is a link for an article written about Jennifer on the Project Jason website Link

September 13, 2005

Letter From Jack & Vicki:
Hello All,
Today makes 14 months since Jen disappeared. We received a call from Dana Ames this morning letting us know that the body of a woman was found in the landfill in Lubbock, but they were confident it was neither Jen nor Joanna Rogers. She called back within a matter of hours to confirm that while the body was a white female in her late 20's, that it appeared to be a recent homicide, and they are pretty sure it is not her. We knew, of course, that the likelihood was small, but there is that moment where your heart seems to disappear while you process the information.

News Story Link

Labor Day weekend URSAR team, along with members of TRUSAR and their cadaver dogs from Dallas and Houston, went to Lubbock and searched several more sites of interest. Nothing was found to further the investigation, but several possibilities were eliminated.

Something that I have been thinking about for a while really struck home recently. I was thinking about how much the search teams and sheriff's department give up in their efforts to help people like us. Surely there are things people would rather do on long weekends like Labor Day than tramp through fields and gullys in the west Texas heat, yet they always show up when needed. I am so in awe of that selflessness and generosity, particularly now when I feel so selfish in my need for answers for my own life. I realized, though, that it isn't just them that give of their time and lives, but also the wives, children, families and friends who lose their loved one's company while they are gone. I wish there was some way that I could let each of them know how much it means to us. The best I know to do is tell each of you; family, friends, volunteers (and your families as well), that Vikki and I will be forever greatful for all that you have done for us, and the love and support you have given.

Thank you,

Jack & Vikki

July 13, 2005
Today makes one year since I received a call from Jen's roommate wanting to know if she were in Hobbs, or if we had heard from her. This is an anniversary we had hoped and prayed not to see, and are hopeful that there will be no more. While there are still leads coming in and being investigated, there is nothing new or concrete that we can report at this time. We spent yesterday going through and organizing her things, and watching videos of her. Her Mother found a quote Jen kept next to her computer I think says much about the type of person Jen is: "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened." In that spirit, we ask that all of you who know her, take some time to remember a special moment of memory you had with her, and reflect on that. Once again, we want to let each of you know how much the love and support we have received has meant to us.
The following is the newspaper article that appeared in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Investigators closer to solving year-long disappearance


A year after Jennifer Wilkerson disappeared from her south Lubbock County home, deputies say they are inching closer to resolving the case that has thwarted investigators and devastated her parents. Although the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office remains tight-lipped about the details of the investigation, officials have identified but would not name "persons of interest" in the case. "When Jennifer disappeared, mistakes were made," Greg Parrott with the Sheriff's Office said. "Crime cannot occur in a vacuum. We are very close to exploiting those mistakes made by the individual or individuals responsible for her disappearance."

Wilkerson, 27, vanished from her home a year ago today, leaving behind her keys and her car. Her home remained undisturbed, as if she walked away voluntarily. Since that day, the Sheriff's Office and volunteer organizations have conducted four large-scale searches - three in Lubbock and a fourth in New Mexico - to no avail. While Parrott acknowledges Wilkerson may have left on her own accord, he does not believe it. "Based on our information, we feel like Jennifer may have met with foul play," he said.

Jennifer's parents, Jack and Vikki Wilkerson of Hobbs, N.M., said they will hope for Jennifer's safe return until they know the facts. "Until somebody can give me some evidence," Jack Wilkerson said, "I have to keep an open mind."

Since her daughter's disappearance, Vikki Wilkerson hasn't slept well. When she does, Jennifer will occasionally visit her in dreams. "Every time, I'm hugging her and everything is OK," she said.

A year later, grief still flows over the Wilkersons in waves. "One day you just feel great," Vikki Wilkerson said. "The next you think 'what the hell happened.' "

Jack Wilkerson pauses for a moment as his wife dabs the tears from her eyes. "There's no consistency in life anymore," he said. "Sometimes you just feel like you put your life in neutral."

The Wilkersons will not go to work this week. They plan to spend their time at home. They never know what the next day will bring, but they will try to remember happy things.

Vikki Wilkerson encouraged those who know her daughter to do the same. "I'd like for everybody to take some time to celebrate her," she said. "(Jennifer) will be here with us that way."

She lights a candle for her daughter every night - a ritual she will continue until Jennifer is found. "I have to build my world where she is OK," she said. She pulls one of several pictures of her daughter from her purse. Jennifer is wearing a string of beads around her neck. At the center of the necklace is a small mustard seed. It is one of her favorite things, her mother says as she struggles to recall the Bible verse: "If you have faith as a mustard seed ... nothing will be impossible for you."

The Wilkersons will keep their faith that Jennifer will be found. "I know the people responsible for Jen's disappearance think they got away with something," Vikki Wilkerson said. "But they haven't. They're being watched."

Parrott also issued a warning. "We know of several individuals that know what happened to Jennifer," he said. "These people need to come forward before they themselves are implicated."
April 12, 2005
Jen has been missing now for 9 months the 13th of this month and so far there has been no news as to what has happened. The Sheriff's department continues to follow every little lead that comes their way. Dana and Sheila with the United Response and Rescue team are also continuing to follow leads. These two groups of people have been wonderful and diligent in their efforts to bring Jen home. It has made the most difficult time in our lives bearable, knowing that such good people are on our side and doing everything in their power to bring our daughter home to us. I wish with all my heart that we could give you some real concrete news but as of today we are all still looking, praying, and hoping that we will find her safe and bring her home.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support and prayers.
Sincerely, Vikki, Jack, and family
It's been almost six months since the disappearance of 27 year-old Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson. Since then the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department has followed several leads that have all come to a dead end.

Saturday, one lead brought them to a piece of property in Northwest Lubbock. The search began early this morning, members of the Sheriff's department found no evidence that could be linked to the disappearance of Wilkerson, but still Sergeant Greg Parrott says they are getting closer each day. "Every day we receive something, something new something different that leads us in hopefully a positive direction and we feel that we are going to have resolution in this case very soon," says Sgt. Parrott.

It was through witness interviews the Sheriff's Department decided to search this field in Northwest Lubbock on Saturday. It was a search that like the previous ones came to a dead end. Still Sgt. Parrott remains positive. "We've come out to several of those locations and have been conducting searches of those areas. If nothing else we've been able to rule out some properties," says Sgt. Parrott.

In the meantime friends and family wait for Wilkerson's return or for at least a sense of closure. "It's just weird nothing nothing fits together. Once things start fitting together then something else comes up that just makes it all, it's just crazy," says Jessica Bullock, Wilkerson's roommate."If I was having a problem, she would make me laugh and if she was having a problem I'd make her laugh and hearing her laugh would make me laugh. I wish she'd come back," says Bullock. Bullock says the circumstances surrounding Wilkerson's disappearance is what is most peculiar. Wilkerson left her purse, wallet, cell phone and house keys. In fact not a single one of her things vanished along with her. "She was getting paid the next day she never picked up her paycheck. Just everything that she would have done she didn't do," says Bullock. Bullock believes that somehow, somewhere Wilkerson left a clue. "Her favorite show was CSI so if anything happened to her she'll do something for us to find her. I mean it's Jennifer something will come up she's smart enough," says Bullock.

For now all friends and family can do is pray and wait, while the sheriff's department works to discover the clue that many believe Wilkerson could have left behind. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson, you're encouraged to call the Sheriff's Office at 775-1601 . All callers will remain anonymous.

12/11/04 KCBD News Lubbock
- Friday, December 24, 2004 at 14:22:34

The Sheriff's Department is still receiving tips in the investigation of Jennifer Wilkerson, who's been missing since July. Based on information from a call on Dec. 7, they'll do another search at a few locations in Lubbock. The sheriff's department wants you to call them at (806) 775-1601 if you have any information on this case.

Thursday, December 9th was Jennifer's 27th birthday.

Dec 10, 2004
- Friday, December 10, 2004 at 23:41:20
Sunday, October 17, 2004

Amid the agony, parents cling to hope


Jack Wilkerson's favorite picture of his daughter Jennifer now adorns the hundreds of white paper fliers that dot the windows of truck stops, gas stations and restaurants in Lubbock and along highways that feed into the city. Emblazoned above the image is one word: missing.

The photograph shows his daughter, now 26, peering out from under a hood in the dim twilight hours of a Colorado evening. She balls her fists and holds them close to her face to fight off the cold. Although she is shrouded in white, her smile is the brightest thing in the picture.

Jennifer Wilkerson Her parents have not seen that smile or heard her voice since she vanished from her south Lubbock County home more than three months ago.

Jennifer Wilkerson's July 13 disappearance sparked the second missing person investigation by the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office in a year. Joanna Rogers, 17, also vanished from her family's home May 4.

"This is Lubbock. This isn't Dallas, Houston or Austin. We've had two girls disappear in 10 weeks," Joanna's father, Joe Bill Rogers said. "That shakes the community."

The disappearances of Jennifer and Joanna have sparked fruitless foot searches of the areas surrounding the homes of both women. The Sheriff's Office, working with a team of forensic divers, even searched Buffalo Springs Lake to no avail.

Despite significant rewards being offered for information leading to the return of the women, the investigations have yet to turn up any solid information leading to their locations, said Sgt. Greg Parrott with the Sheriff's Office.

Parrott, who supervises both investigations, spends every hour of his workday in a concentrated effort to find the women.

"We've taken extraordinary measures to follow up on every lead and even the slightest hunch," he said. "We do feel these cases will be solved, and they will be solved soon."

The Sheriff's Office does not believe the disappearances are related.

The parents of both women said the Sheriff's Office is doing everything it can to locate their daughters. As the search for the women continues, the families are growing desperate for information and struggling to answer the questions that haunt their thoughts.

The Wilkersons live moment to moment. They continue to go to work and live their lives. However, every reminder of their daughter can summon a flood of emotion.

"I can't drive by a softball game without seeing her slide into third base," Jack Wilkerson said.

He and his daughter shared a love of books and music. During her visits to the Wilkersons' home in Hobbs, N.M., they would retreat to his library to play songs for one another.

During lightning storms, they would head to the country to listen to music and watch the flashes of light streak across the New Mexico sky.

"She is also my best friend," he said of his daughter, who he described as fiercely independent.

Jennifer is always in her parents' thoughts. She enters their minds in the morning and she's with them when they fall asleep.

"It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from" said Vikki Wilkerson, Jennifer's mother.

Vikki Wilkerson's most difficult days are Tuesdays, the day her daughter disappeared. She struggles through the others.

"I think I'm walking insanity," she said.

At times she feels fine, but a conversation or memory can destroy her. She remembers a talk with a co-worker where she inadvertently began imitating her daughter's "little heh heh heh" laugh. She fell apart, moving from laughter to tears.

Common rituals try both families. Trips to the grocery store are now complicated endeavors.

Vikki Wilkerson said she tells people she is "fine."

"But we won't be fine until Jennifer comes home," she said.

Joanna's mother, Kathryn Rogers, says people now withdraw from her family.

"We're a constant reminder that life is not always good or fair," she said.

She said they rarely go to restaurants or even watch television.

Both families pray for their daughters to return safely.

"All I have to hold on to is my faith, and until somebody gives me something else, I'm going to hold onto that," Jack Wilkerson said.


Family Releases More Photos

Update and Personal Note from The Family:

Jennifer Lynn has been missing 12 weeks today. Each day we wake hoping that this will be the day that we will be able to put our arms around her and have her back home. We want to thank everyone for keeping Jen in their thoughts and for the prayers and support everyone has given our family. I also want to share a little about our precious daughter with you.

Jennifer loves children and has two nieces and a nephew that love her dearly. Jessica is her 15 year old niece and Mariah is her 11 year old niece. Jessica has always been Jen’s little “Minnie Me”, they are so much alike in so many ways. Jessica misses Jennifer terribly and needs her in her life for support and love through these teen age years. Mariah and Jen are so close and have a lot of common interest. They would be perfectly content just lying around reading a book or coloring together. Mariah is quite like Jen and it worries me that she can’t express the sadness she feels in her heart. Little Joe is Jen’s 7 year old nephew that can’t even come close to understanding why his Aunt Jennifer won’t come to see him.

Jennifer has a passion for softball. She grew up playing in the league’s until they were no longer offered for her age group. As an adult she tried playing slow pitch but her first love is fast pitch. We were always amazed that she survived the games without broken bones because she would dive, jump, slide, or whatever it took to catch a ball and get it where it needed to go.

Jennifer decided at the age of 24 to put herself through college. She was attending South Plains College and completed 3 semesters successfully. She was a member of the National Honor’s Society. Her goals are to eventually receive her masters.

Jen is a fun loving young women and does a perfect impression of “Tweety Bird”. When our entire family gets together the girls will wait until one of them is nice and comfy on the couch then someone will holler “dog pile” and everyone there will jump on top of the one relaxing. It is quite a sight, and usually Jen being the skinny mini that she is will be the one on bottom. I could go on forever with all the memories we hold onto.

There are no words that can truly express the emptiness we feel in our hearts not knowing what has happened to Jen. I would like to appeal, no beg, anyone that knows where Jen is to please come forward. She is loved very much and we need your help. Maybe you need us just as bad so please do the right thing. You can contact the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department at 806-775-1601 or United Response Search and Rescue Team at 817-501-9296.

Vikki, Jack, Shelley, Jacki, Joe, Jessica, Mariah, and Little Joe
- Thursday, October 7, 2004 at 07:50:04

Open Letter from the Family Click Here To View
- Friday, September 17, 2004 at 10:31:15
A new campaign to help find Jennifer gets under way today, September 1, 2004. Following is the press release:

"You would move Heaven and Earth to find her: A beautiful young woman whose beaming smile and sparkling eyes, so full of life demand your attention. The caption above her photo simply states: MISSING. She is Jennifer Wilkerson, 26, of Lubbock, TX, missing since July 14th. It is not such a simple matter for her family and friends, who are doing everything they can to find her, as their hearts are breaking as they fear for the well-being and safety of Jennifer. Strangers across the country are helping the family in many ways, and now some of the country's best natural networkers, truck drivers, are going to help move Heaven and Earth to find the young woman by their participation in the 18 Wheel Angels program."

18 Wheel Angels is a national missing person's locator program spearheaded by the nonprofit organization Project Jason. The program enlists the aid of truck drivers and business travelers to place posters of missing persons along their routes as they travel across the country. A different missing person is featured every 2 weeks. Participants are asked to go to the 18 Wheel Angels link on the Project Jason website at www.projectjason.org and to then download and print as many posters as they can place. Anyone can participate.

Project Jason was founded by Kelly Jolkowski, mother of missing Omaha, NE youth Jason Jolkowski. The all volunteer group's mission is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.

For additional information about the 18 Wheel Angels program, and Project Jason, please see the website at www.projectjason.org, or contact President and Founder, Kelly Jolkowski, at 402-932-0095. You may also email 18WheelAngels@projectjason.org.
- Thursday, September 2, 2004 at 04:34:04

The Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson Search Fund has been set up to help with the expenses of the ongoing search for Jennifer, missing now for more than a month. Contributions to the fund can be made at any Bank of America location. The family is grateful to all who have helped during this terrible time. They would especially like to extend thanks to Sonic Drive-Ins for their assistance, and to Kent Allen for providing webspace for this site.
- Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 23:02:14
Jennifer has been missing now for 4 weeks. The Lubbock Sheriff's Office is still following up on tips that are coming in, and are still trying to locate a black lowrider pickup truck with decals on the back window (possibly with out-of-state plates) that was seen in the area of Jennifer Wilkerson's home the day before she disappeared. Anyone with any information is asked to contact them at (806) 775-1601.
- Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 11:50:17
Investigation Update of Missing Woman Jennifer Wilkerson - July 26 2004

Sunday's wet weather dampened the efforts of the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department. A special crew was scheduled to continue the search for missing woman Jennifer Wilkerson, but it was cancelled due to the rainy conditions.

However, the crews will continue Monday. It's the second weekend of the search for the 26 year-old.

More than 200 people participated in Saturday's organized search, but investigators have not released any new information that was discovered. Right now, they are asking for your help in locating a suspicious vehicle seen in Wilkerson's neighborhood a day before her disappearance.

The vehicle is described as a small black pick-up truck. The pick-up is low rider style, which means it sits very low on the ground. It could also be equipped with hydraulics. The truck also has wheels with a smooth center cap.

The vehicle is also believed to have decals on the rear window and may have license plates from out of state. If you spot a vehicle with this description, you are urged to contact the Sheriff's Office immediately at (806) 775-1480.

InvestigationUpdate of Missing Woman Jennifer Wilkerson: July 23 2004

Authorities will expand the search for a missing Lubbock woman with the help of community volunteers.

Jennifer Wilkerson has been missing for nine days now. And as more time passes, the chance that Jennifer is somewhere against her will increases. So now the Sheriff's Department wants to broaden their search, with your help.

More than 500 people showed up to assist in a foot search for Joanna Rogers just a few months ago and now, the Sheriff's Department is turning to the community again and hoping for the same response.

"This weekend we are coordinating a search with an organization, United Response Search and Rescue. They are assisting in a massive ground search, we have some areas of interest that we need help searching. Not only for Jennifer but also for Joanna Rogers. We want to combine the efforts and utilize the resources that have been so generously provided by our community and that is people," said Sgt. Greg Parrott.

Sgt. Parrott, says at this time there are no links between the two cases, other than the fact that it's two girls from south Lubbock County. Sgt. Parrott and Lt. Cody Scott are both working around the clock interviewing anyone that was a part of Jennifer's life, and while all are cooperating, they say all the clues aren't coming in.

"At this point we're still exploring a number of leads that have come in from the community. However we still haven't received the call from that right person who knows where she is or what has happened to her," said Sgt. Parrott.

The Sheriff's Department has already searched by foot and air the area around Jennifer's house, but now they need your help.

New information on Tuesday night about a Lubbock woman who has been missing for one week - July 22 2004

One week ago Tuesday, 26 year-old Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson disappeared. On Tuesday, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department released new information on their search, as well as a plea to the public for help.

In a press conference, the Sheriff's Department explained the chain of events following Jennifer's disappearance and what steps their search has taken so far.

"When you have prostitutes found dead in the county, and then you have a missing girl like Joanna Rogers, and then this other missing person. We certainly want to look at all possibilities. In this particular case, we find no ties to any of the previous deaths we've had in the county," said Sheriff David Gutierrez.

According to the Sheriff's Department, Jennifer Wilkerson left her boyfriend's house to come home and change for work, but when she didn't show up, the search began. To this day, her black car sits in the driveway, the house was locked, and her keys were inside, but Jennifer and her purse were gone.

"She did live with two other roommates, hence the concern. Her normal mode, if she was going to leave, was to tell someone if she was leaving and that was not the case. Therefore, the roommates contacted the family and the family contacted us," said Sheriff Gutierrez.

The Sheriff's Department says there were no signs of a struggle at the residence. They say her family and friends have been cooperative, but they need more from the public.

"Our concern at this time is that we would like for the public to assist us with information regarding Jennifer Wilkerson," said Gutierrez.

The Sheriff's Department has already searched the area by foot and with aerials, but they have few other leads to follow.

NewsChannel 11 interviewed Jennifer about three months ago on another story. Jennifer is described as about 5' 5", 110 pounds, brownish red hair, blue eyes, and multiple tattoos.

If you have any information that could assist in this search, please call the Sheriff's Department at (806) 775-1601.

Again, at this time, there is no tie between Wilkerson and missing Lubbock teen Joanna Rogers. Rogers has been missing since May 4th.
New information - July 22 2004

Missing Woman's Parents Ask for Help - July 20 2004

"I'm really at a loss for what to say. I never imagined being in this position," said Jack Wilkerson, a father in distress. His 26-year-old daughter has been missing for a week. "We don't know what's happened to Jennifer," he said.

Missing under suspicious circumstances, believed to be in danger, authorities are investigating Jennifer Wilkerson's case as an abduction, but have yet to disclose if there's any physical evidence surrounding her disappearance. "I can't say at this time," said Lubbock County Sheriff's officer Greg Parrott. They've been fielding calls and following leads. "We do have a number of individuals that we are talking to at this time," Parrott said.

Three months ago NewsChannel 11 interviewed Jennifer for a story about the sin tax proposal. She was helpful, outgoing, engaging. The very characteristics that have made her absence so alarming. "So out of character not to be in contact with us. She had already made tentative plans to visit with us last weekend," said Jack Wilkerson.

Authorities are expected to hold a press conference Tuesday, July 20th, to provide further details about the investigation.

If you have any information, call the Sheriff's Department at (806) 775-1601
Missing Woman's Parents Ask for Help - July 20 2004

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